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Fibromyalgia Syndrome
Language: en
Pages: 257
Authors: Leon Chaitow
Categories: Fatigue
Type: BOOK - Published: 2000 - Publisher:

Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is a relatively new condition, yet it is etimated that it is the second commonest condition now seen in chronic pain clinics (low back pain being the most common). This book gives a guide to the diagnosis and managment of fibromyalgia syndrome for use by the different groups of clinicians who become involved in the care of those suffering from the condition. One of the few books to address this area for professionals Written by a well-known author with a team of clinical experts Includes the latest research in FMS treatments Includes sections on the nutritional and hyperventilation influences on FMS Provides detailed bodywork protocols for treatment Covers all aspects of aetiology, and treatment: biochemical, biomechanical, psychosocial. No other book does this.
The Fibromyalgia Syndrome
Language: en
Pages: 184
Authors: Stanley R. Pillemer
Categories: Education
Type: BOOK - Published: 1994 - Publisher: Psychology Press

The Fibromyalgia Syndrome summarizes major advances in the understanding of fibromyalgia and helps increase readers'knowledge of the disorder, which can lead to the development of new strategies for diagnosis and treatment. Fibromyalgia is not an uncommon disorder, and can be a frustrating problem for patients and physicians alike. In this valuable reference, leading experts in the field of fibromyalgia research provide important information on fibromyalgia and offer suggestions for future research. Contributing authors begin to unravel the many unanswered questions about fibromyalgia as they explore the mechanisms underlying pain, fatigue, and sleep disturbance, the interrelationship between pain, fatigue, and sleep disturbance, and the relationship between fibromyalgia and other overlapping disorders. This book provides current knowledge, identifies research gaps and opportunities, and recommends future directions for research on the cause, pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of fibromyalgia syndrome. Chapters are divided into sections which examine: the clinical spectrum and epidemiology of fibromyalgia neuroendocrine and metabolic aspects of fibromyalgia therapeutic interventions research opportunities and recommendations Readers will find themselves challenged to learn more about fibromyalgia syndrome, how to recognize and diagnose it earlier, and begin effective treatment sooner. The Fibromyalgia Syndrome is an instructive and informative resource for researchers, physicians, and knowledgeable lay people who are interested in learning more about this enigmatic disorder.
The Low Back Pain Handbook
Language: en
Pages: 468
Authors: Andrew J. Cole, Stanley A. Herring
Categories: Backache
Type: BOOK - Published: 1997 - Publisher:

An authoritative guide to the evaluation and practical management of low back pain, one of the most frequently encountered workplace disability problems. The book furnishes clear advice on diagnosis, clinical presentation, and therapeutic intervention, also covered are workmen's compensation, chronic pain programs, disability evaluations, and legal issues.
Fibromyalgia and Other Central Pain Syndromes
Language: en
Pages: 421
Authors: Daniel Jeffrey Wallace, Daniel J. Clauw, M.D.
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 2005 - Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

This volume is the first comprehensive text devoted to fibromyalgia and other centrally mediated chronic pain syndromes. Leading experts examine the latest research findings on these syndromes and present evidence-based reviews of current controversies. Chapters discuss the definition, epidemiology, and pathophysiology of chronic pain and fibromyalgia, the clinical presentations of fibromyalgia syndrome, and central sensitization syndromes associated with chronic neuromuscular pain. The contributors thoroughly examine various approaches to evaluation and management of patients with fibromyalgia and chronic pain. Other chapters focus on disability issues, prognosis, and future research directions. A critically reviewed listing of Websites and other resources is included.
Clinical Primer of Rheumatology
Language: en
Pages: 393
Authors: William J. Koopman, Dennis W. Boulware, Gustavo R. Heudebert
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 2003 - Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Clinical Primer of Rheumatology is designed as a concise, essential reference to aid practitioners in diagnosing and treating rheumatoid diseases. More than 200 photographs and many tables and charts provide easy access to information necessary to identify the cause of a patient's complaint and plan a course of therapy. Recommendations on when to refer a patient to a specialist are clearly indicated in the text. Comprehensive coverage of specific rheumatoid diseases is included along with information on sports and occupational-related pain syndromes.
The New Sjogren's Syndrome Handbook
Language: en
Pages: 230
Authors: Steven E. Carsons, Elaine K. Harris
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 1998 - Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

Describes the symptoms and diagnosis of this chronic autoimmune rheumatic disease, and discusses major gland interactions, gynecological issues, and treatment options
Kelley and Firestein's Textbook of Rheumatology E-Book
Language: en
Pages: 275
Authors: Gary S. Firestein, Ralph Budd, Sherine E Gabriel, Iain B. McInnes, James R O'Dell
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 2016-06-21 - Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

Consult the definitive resource in rheumatology for an in-depth understanding of scientific advances as they apply to clinical practice. Masterfully edited by Drs. Gary S. Firestein, Ralph C. Budd, Sherine E. Gabriel, Iain B. McInnes, and James R. O'Dell, and authored by internationally renowned scientists and clinicians in the field, Kelley and Firestein’s Textbook of Rheumatology, 10th Edition, delivers the knowledge you need for accurate diagnoses and effective patient care. From basic science, immunology, anatomy, and physiology to diagnostic tests, procedures, and specific disease processes, this state-of-the-art reference provides a global, authoritative perspective on the manifestations, diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases. An ideal balance of the basic science you need to know and how to apply that information to clinical practice. An integrated chapter format allows you to review basic science advances and their clinical implications in one place and get dependable, evidence-based guidance for the full range of rheumatologic diseases and syndromes. Consult this title on your favorite e-reader, conduct rapid searches, and adjust font sizes for optimal readability. Metabolic Regulation of Immunity, Principles of Signaling, Research Methods in the Rheumatic Diseases, Novel Intracellular Targeting Agents, and IgG4-Related Diseases. New and expanded chapter topics on small molecule treatment, biologics, biomarkers, epigenetics, biosimilars, and cell-based therapies. More schematic diagrams clearly summarize information and facilitate understanding.
Kryger's Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine - E-Book
Language: en
Pages: 2240
Authors: Meir H. Kryger, Thomas Roth, Cathy A Goldstein
Categories: Health & Fitness
Type: BOOK - Published: 2021-12-16 - Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

Offering today’s most authoritative, comprehensive coverage of sleep disorders, Kryger’s Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine, 7th Edition, is a must-have resource for sleep medicine specialists, fellows, trainees, and technicians, as well as pulmonologists, neurologists, and other clinicians who see patients with sleep-related issues. It provides a solid understanding of underlying basic science as well as complete coverage of emerging advances in management and treatment for a widely diverse patient population. Evidence-based content, hundreds of full-color illustrations, and a wealth of additional resources online help you make well-informed clinical decisions and offer your patients the best possible care. Contains new chapters on sleep in intersex and transgender individuals; sleep telemedicine and remote PAP adherence monitoring; and sleep and the menstrual cycle, as well as increased coverage of treatment and management of pediatric patients. Includes expanded sections on pharmacology, sleep in individuals with other medical disorders, and methodology. Discusses updated treatments for sleep apnea and advancements in CPAP therapy. Offers access to 95 video clips online, including expert interviews and sleep study footage of various sleep disorders. Meets the needs of practicing clinicians as well as those preparing for the sleep medicine fellowship examination or recertification exams, with more than 950 self-assessment questions, answers, and rationales online. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
Current Clinical Medicine E-Book
Language: en
Pages: 1376
Authors: Cleveland Clinic
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 2010-08-13 - Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

Current Clinical Medicine's 2nd edition, by the world famous Cleveland Clinic, is an Internal Medicine reference that gives you authoritative and actionable information wherever you are, whenever you need it. More than 40 updated chapters, 13 new chapters, and 30% new illustrations ensure that you’ll have access to the most up-to-date guidance. In addition to its user-friendly, easy-access format and consistent, reliable coverage, this Expert Consult title includes a website with the complete contents of the book, fully searchable, downloadable images, and more, to keep you and your practice completely current. Includes access to a website featuring the complete contents of the book, fully searchable, access to patient information sheets, links to the Gold Standard Drug database, and much more, to keep you completely current. Provides consistent, reliable coverage to keep you on the top of your game. Includes summary boxes and algorithms for quick, confident diagnosis and treatment of each condition. Features a user-friendly format so you can find information quickly and easily. Contains more than a hundred full-color illustrations with a special focus on dermatology for highly visual guidance. Uses evidence-based gradings to help you evaluate your diagnoses. Includes many new chapters—including Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Head and Neck Cancer, Takayasu's Arteritis, and Non-Hodgkin and Hodgkin Lymphoma—as well as more than 40 substantially revised chapters, that ensure that you’ll have access to the most current coverage. Features 30% new illustrations that provide you with updated details, concepts, and procedures.
Neuropathic Pain
Language: en
Pages: 384
Authors: Cory Toth, Dwight E. Moulin
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 2013-11-07 - Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Central or peripheral neuropathic pain can be caused by a wide range of injuries, infections and diseases such as: spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, stroke, herpes zoster, diabetes and cancer. Many of these pain syndromes are difficult to treat, representing a challenge for many neurologists not routinely trained in pain management. Written by an international team of experts in the field, Neuropathic Pain: Causes, Management and Understanding gives readers an in-depth understanding of the multitude of conditions causing neuropathic pain. Epidemiology, clinical diagnosis, pathophysiology, outcome measurement and the best evidence-based management of individual and general neuropathic pain conditions are also described in depth. A unique chapter, written from a patient's viewpoint, gives new insight into how chronic neuropathic pain affects the lives of those patients with the condition. This book is essential reading for all pain specialists, neurologists, psychiatrists and anesthesiologists who wish to better understand their patients' neuropathic pain.
Why We Hurt
Language: en
Pages: 398
Authors: Greg Fors
Categories: Health & Fitness
Type: BOOK - Published: 2007-01 - Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

A guide for readers wanting relief from chronic pain explains how the nervous system produces pain and the role of diet and environmental pollution in disease, and offers such natural treatments options as deep tissue massage, herbal supplements, and Buddhism-based spiritual practices.
Psychosomatic Syndromes and Somatic Symptoms
Language: en
Pages: 260
Authors: Robert Kellner
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 1991 - Publisher: American Psychiatric Pub

In the first section of this encyclopedic volume, Dr. Robert Kellner surveys the biological, psychological, and psychiatric studies on nine psychosomatic syndromes, draws conclusions about the complex etiology of these syndromes, offers guidelines for diagnosis, and recommends treatments based on research findings. The second section is an overview of the various processes that lead to bodily complaints, including somatization. The author discusses how psychosomatic syndromes described in the first section contribute to the symptoms of somatoform disorders and how knowledge gained from research on treatment of psychosomatic syndromes can be applied to the treatment of somatoform disorders.