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Manchus and Han

by Edward J. M. Rhoads
Publisher: University of Washington Press
Release Date: 2017-05-01
Genre: History
Pages: 404 pages
ISBN 13: 0295997486
ISBN 10: 9780295997483
Format: PDF, ePUB, MOBI, Audiobooks, Kindle


Synopsis : Manchus and Han written by Edward J. M. Rhoads, published by University of Washington Press which was released on 2017-05-01. Download Manchus and Han Books now! Available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. Winner of the Joseph Levenson Book Prize for Modern China, sponsored by The China and Inner Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies -- China�s 1911�12 Revolution, which overthrew a 2000-year succession of dynasties, is thought of primarily as a change in governmental style, from imperial to republican, traditional to modern. But given that the dynasty that was overthrown�the Qing�was that of a minority ethnic group that had ruled China�s Han majority for nearly three centuries, and that the revolutionaries were overwhelmingly Han, to what extent was the revolution not only anti-monarchical, but also anti-Manchu? Edward Rhoads explores this provocative and complicated question in Manchus and Han, analyzing the evolution of the Manchus from a hereditary military caste (the �banner people�) to a distinct ethnic group and then detailing the interplay and dialogue between the Manchu court and Han reformers that culminated in the dramatic changes of the early 20th century. Until now, many scholars have assumed that the Manchus had been assimilated into Han culture long before the 1911 Revolution and were no longer separate and distinguishable. But Rhoads demonstrates that in many ways Manchus remained an alien, privileged, and distinct group. Manchus and Han is a pathbreaking study that will forever change the way historians of China view the events leading to the fall of the Qing dynasty. Likewise, it will clarify for ethnologists the unique origin of the Manchus as an occupational caste and their shifting relationship with the Han, from border people to rulers to ruled. Winner of the Joseph Levenson Book Prize for Modern China, sponsored by The China and Inner Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies

China and the Manchus
Language: en
Pages: 103
Authors: Herbert Allen Giles
Categories: China
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-09-28 - Publisher: Library of Alexandria

In an illustrated Chinese work of the fourteenth century, of which the Cambridge University Library possesses the only known copy, we read that they reached this spot, originally the home of the Su-shên tribe, as fugitives from Korea; further, that careless of death and prizing valour only, they carried naked knives about their persons, never parting from them by day or night, and that they were as "poisonous" as wolves or tigers. They also tattooed their faces, and at marriage their mouths. By the close of the ninth century the Nü-chêns had become subject to the neighbouring Kitans, then under the rule of the vigorous Kitan chieftain, Opaochi, who, in 907, proclaimed himself Emperor of an independent kingdom with the dynastic title of Liao, said to mean "iron," and who at once entered upon that long course of aggression against China and encroachment upon her territory which was to result in the practical division of the empire between the two powers, with the Yellow River as boundary, Kʽai-fêng as the Chinese capital, and Peking, now for the first time raised to the status of a metropolis, as the Kitan capital. Hitherto, the Kitans had recognised China as their suzerain; they are first mentioned in Chinese history in A.D. 468, when they sent ambassadors to court, with tribute. Turning now to China, the famous House of Sung, the early years of which were so full of promise of national prosperity, and which is deservedly associated with one of the two most brilliant periods in Chinese literature, was founded in 960. Korea was then forced, in order to protect herself from the encroachments of China, to accept the hated supremacy of the Kitans; but being promptly called upon to surrender large tracts of territory, she suddenly entered into an alliance with the Nü-chêns, who were also ready to revolt, and who sent an army to the assistance of their new friends. The Nü-chên and Korean armies, acting in concert, inflicted a severe defeat on the Kitans, and from this victory may be dated the beginning of the Nü-chên power. China had indeed already sent an embassy to the Nü-chêns, suggesting an alliance and also a combination with Korea, by which means the aggression of the Kitans might easily be checked; but during the eleventh century Korea became alienated from the Nü-chêns, and even went so far as to advise China to join with the Kitans in crushing the Nü-chêns. China, no doubt, would have been glad to get rid of both of these troublesome neighbours, especially the Kitans, who were gradually filching territory from the empire, and driving the Chinese out of the southern portion of the province of Chihli.
Birth of Two Nations: the Republic of China and the People’S Republic of China
Language: en
Pages: 68
Authors: Eric Kwok-wing Leung
Categories: History
Type: BOOK - Published: 2013-10-30 - Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Birth of two Nations: the Republic of China and the Peoples Republic of China is a historical account how the Republic of China is formally established in 1911 after a bloody struggle that destroyed the Qing Dynasty and once and for all broke the thousands years traditional dynasty cycle. The ensuing events that led to the Peoples Republic of China as it is formally established in 1949. However, the book is more than chronological accounts. For history cannot come in a social vacuum. Factors including historical, cultural, political, and socio-economical that impact and shape the development must be taken into account to enable the readers to have a better understanding of the development. This book, therefore, explores and interprets sociologically, economically, politically, and historically from the embryonic stage to the full birth of the two nations in account of these factors and the ensuing years. The external forces and pressures, particularly from that of the Japanese aggressors, let to internal discord between the Guomindang (Nationalist Party) and the Kungchandang (Communist Party) and the civil war with great suffering by the people. The book attempts to detail the inter-relatedness of these factors with documentations and my personal and my family experience in the developmental years. My mother in particular shared with me, when I was old enough, perhaps five or old, how we survived the hardship and suffering during those years of bitter of conflict between the warlords of the Guangdong Province and Guangxi Province. Our village in the Guangning County, Guangdong Provincce situated in the border of the two provinces we took the beating first from the Guangxi warlord. I grew up during the eight years war of resistance against the Japanese aggression. Some historians considered the war to be a fourteen years war. It probably depends on which event was considered the starting point since there were so many pretexts and aggressions launched by the Japanese against China. We almost died of starvation, surviving only on sweet potatoes, weeds, and locust. My elder brothers were very bitter for they lost their chance to get an education and destined laborers for life. Personal as it may be, however, it is by no means unique. Chinese people of my cohort, 70 plus, who were in China during those years would be able to collaborate and even share familiar experience of mine and of my family. The book does not attempt to be a scientific account of the development. I tried to be as objective as I can for I am open to scrutinize by my cohort and historians. Data of the book come primarily from personal observation in the normal course of daily life and interviews, oral history from older Chinese who experienced and witnessed the development constituted a significant part of the study. Reviews and critical analysis of available data in English and Chinese related to the development. It is a crystallization of available data, particularly the oral history that should be preserved for posterity. Other sources I gratefully acknowledged. I regret and apologize for any inadvertent omission. I am specially grateful to my next door neighbor who is close to 90 years old came to the United States as a paper son worked in his fathers restaurant for a number of years. He later joined the U.S. Air Force and became a Staff Sergeant served in WWII and stationed in Kunming, China. Because his ability to speak Chinese and English, he played a significant role between the two governments China and the United States. He often commuted, in U.S. Air Force transportation between Kunming and Chongqing, the Chinese wartime capital. He recalled his experience of those years and provided me with his valuable insight of the two worlds. I am grateful to my long-time friend, Mr. Louis Lau, for his moral and sponsorship in making this research and endeavor possible. His encouragement provided me with the strength and a willingness to make sacrif
The Manchu Way
Language: en
Pages: 580
Authors: Mark C. Elliott
Categories: History
Type: BOOK - Published: 2001 - Publisher: Stanford University Press

In 1644, the Manchus, a relatively unknown people inhabiting China's northeastern frontier, overthrew the Ming, Asia's mightiest rulers, and established the Qing dynasty, This book supplies a radically new perspective on the formative period of the modern Chinese nation.
The Construction of Racial Identities in China and Japan
Language: en
Pages: 217
Authors: Frank Dikötter, Barry Sautman
Categories: Antisemitism
Type: BOOK - Published: 1997 - Publisher: C. HURST & CO. PUBLISHERS

This work argues that, far from being a negligible aspect of contemporary identity, racialized senses of belonging have often been the foundation of national identity in 20th-century East Asia. The construction of symbolic boundaries between racial categories has undergone many transformations in China and Japan, but this text shows how the attempt to rationalize and rank differences between population groups remains widespread. The historical background and contemporary implications ofthese potentially explosive issues are addressed by the contributors to this volume.
Language: en
Categories: Antisemitism
Type: BOOK - Published: 1990 - Publisher:

State and Court Ritual in China
Language: en
Pages: 446
Authors: McDermott, Joseph Peter McDermott, Joseph P. McDermott, Faculty Of Oriental Studies
Categories: History
Type: BOOK - Published: 1999-09-16 - Publisher: Cambridge University Press

This broad-ranging examination of Chinese state and court ritual from 1000 BC to AD 1750 represents the first modern account of the subject in any language. The essays, written by some of the most distinguished scholars in the field, demonstrate how and why ritual has played such a fundamental and often controversial role in the practice of Chinese politics. The book will be of interest to students of Chinese history and religion, as well as those seeking to understand the legacy of that history in the context of modern China.
Encyclopedia of the Peoples of Asia and Oceania
Language: en
Pages: 1025
Authors: Barbara A. West
Categories: Asia
Type: BOOK - Published: 2010-05-19 - Publisher: Infobase Publishing

Presents an alphabetical listing of information on the peoples of Asia and Oceania including origins, prehistory, history, culture, languages, and relationships to other cultures.
A History of the World
Language: en
Authors: Barbara A. West
Categories: World history
Type: BOOK - Published: 1960 - Publisher:

Books about A History of the World
Encyclopedia of the Stateless Nations: Ethnic and National Groups Around the World A-Z [4 Volumes]
Language: en
Pages: 2331
Authors: James Minahan
Categories: History
Type: BOOK - Published: 2002-05-30 - Publisher: ABC-CLIO

Nationalism is a mighty force in the 21st century. It has not been so politically significant since prior to World War I. While current trends tilt toward regional economic groupings, national identity—and demands for greater political and economic autonomy—has created a national, regional, and international groundswell since the end of the Cold War. An expanded sequel to Minahan's award-winning guide to some 200 groups, Nations Without States: A Historical Dictionary of Contemporary National Movements (1996), this book provides an easy-to-use, accurate, and up-to-date guide to over 300 developed or emerging national groups worldwide. Providing fuller historical profiles of each group, this is the definitive reference on the nationalism and national groups that helped shape 20th century politics—and will likely shape the politics of tomorrow. Included are numerous new national groups that have emerged since the publication of Minahan's 1996 book. Many of these remain unknown outside of their own regions. Others make headlines. The evolution of each group is traced from its earliest history to the present day, making the book an indispensable reference for those wishing to understand the world's growing multitude of national groups.
War and the World
Language: en
Pages: 334
Authors: Jeremy Black
Categories: History
Type: BOOK - Published: 2000-01-01 - Publisher: Yale University Press

An attempt to write a global history of warfare in the modern era. Jeremy Black, here presents a wide-ranging account of the nature, purpose and experience of war over the last half millennium.
China Hands and Old Cantons
Language: en
Pages: 276
Authors: John M Carroll
Categories: History
Type: BOOK - Published: 2021-10-15 - Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

This fascinating history explores the wide range of views of Britons in late-imperial China as they chafed under the restrictions imposed by the Canton System. John M. Carroll brings a seminal period in the Anglo-Chinese relationship, which revolved around tea and opium, to life through the words of those who experienced it intimately.
The History of China, 3rd Edition
Language: en
Pages: 346
Authors: David Curtis Wright
Categories: History
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-10-31 - Publisher: ABC-CLIO

Chinese society and culture are evolving with a booming economy, expansion, production of consumer and industrial goods, and a growing influence upon the world. The History of China allows readers to delve into the rich history of this powerful nation. China is both the world's oldest continuing civilization and an emerging global super power. Over the last two millennia, this rich and complex nation has often been the wealthiest and most populous country on earth—and within a few decades, China may surpass all other nations as the most powerful in the world. In this third edition of The History of China, readers will find a general survey of China's long history, ranging from accounts of ancient Chinese civilization to individual dynasties, and its whirlwind transition to modernity and belated arrival into the international community. An extensive new chapter discusses the emergence of Xi Jinping as China's paramount leader and the bold new directions in which he is taking the country and offers some speculations or predictions about where China is headed in the future. A timeline, appendix of Notable People in the History of China, and bibliography are updated. Ideal for high school and undergraduate students, this volume offers a lively, engaging narrative of the rich history of Chinese civilization through present day. Gives readers a clear chronological march through Chinese history, including the dynasties Covers the startling history of China's technological innovation and scientific discovery Examines the history of China's historical interactions with non-Chinese peoples and states, and draws attention to how they may be relevant to understanding China's international relations today Contains a new chapter covering leader Xi Jinping's rise to power Includes an updated timeline of significant events in the history of China, providing students with an at-a-glance overview of China's history Provides readers with brief biographies of those who have made important contributions to the country's history in an updated appendix of Notable People in the History of China